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Entrepreneurs how to motivate the team

tips: enjoy

appreciate the knowledge and ability of team members. (hey, your idea is great!) enjoy the work of team members. You did a great job! You did better than I thought! (


is gold, it always shines. But the gold in the exposed before, still need someone to find and wipe in still in refining with appreciative eyes, otherwise the gold may be buried by fate.

Two tricks: praise

use the language of praise (well done…… As far as possible, with the recommendations of the tone of the work, the "please", "hard", "thank you," and so on the mouth.

in the workplace to hear leaders praise you or criticize you, probably in that leadership is not a thing, but to express a deep guidance, if only to the point, sometimes may fail to live up to the leadership of a painstaking.

Three tricks:


gives the team members the right to be fair and impartial to the members of the team, to give the team members the opportunity to express themselves, and to recognize the outstanding achievements of the team members.

employees in the bottleneck period of occupation development, fully authorized employees can alleviate the embarrassment, also gave them some freedom, can shoot two hawks with one arrow

!Four tricks: listen to

is willing to listen to the recommendations of members of the team or opinions, the team members to discuss the matter, the courage to apologize to the team members, such as the question is my fault, I am really sorry".

a leader who does not listen and does not want to listen, will slowly listen to other people’s opinions. Because you do not want to listen to, may cause the information between the upper and lower levels can not be directly affected the rapid decision-making. And if such a thing occurs in the company’s important work, there may be irreparable damage. Visible, do a listening CEO, it is necessary to observe from all angles to complete, so as to win at the starting point.

Five tricks:


send the necessary invitation to dinner together with team members, entertainment, games, talk with team members, concerned about the progress of the team members. I congratulate you on having passed the exam! Can you tell me your next target?……

)Six tricks:


pay attention to the mood change of team members, help team members to overcome difficulties, if necessary, to the team members of the economic assistance.

especially in the face of their lack of knowledge, not to face the shortcomings of their own employees, is the need to spend time patiently let him find out their problems, untie the knot in order to truly integrate into the team.

seven tricks: sympathy

expressed concern about the safety of the team members and the health of the team members

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