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Product brain hole Baidu why not do a public number

I have been very curious: has a huge flow of Baidu on the one hand, on the one hand also has a considerable scale of content producers, why not do a Baidu version of the "public"? Finally, driven by strong curiosity, the author simply goes up YY – see how I create a Baidu the public version of "No.".


rambling, return to the subject. Let us step by step from: what to do and how to do, who can do the pros and cons, follow the prescribed order YY a Baidu version of the "public".

a, noun definition

Baidu version of the public number is aimed at the distribution of content, through the content to connect consumers and producers. Because of its core value lies in the content, so it is called "content number".

two, what to do

first, a few questions about Baidu space:

Baidu space as a product of the total number of users billions of dollars, it is how to do it


what are its main user groups,


in Baidu space after the demise of the original ability of the users to go where?

from the Baidu space examples, it can be understood as there are actually quite a part of the user, perhaps they are not good at writing, perhaps their content of productivity is poor, but they will still want to have a small home in the vast Internet


author’s interpretation of the above problem is that, regardless of the production capacity, the user will have the needs of production content. After the demise of Baidu space, want to continue to create the user lost. The loss of users, whether it is to go to the Sina micro-blog, or QQ space, are in a more closed Internet system. Baidu loss of the number of users living on the Internet can be found in the open data is a million.


then, I want to have a certain ability to produce the original content of the identity of the producer, the author is now a problem:

the author published in the WeChat public number of articles is a perennial wandering in the two figures, it is still built on all the time in the evening prime time will spare no effort to Article forwarded to the circle of friends under the premise. Because I write to death? Look at those big V, those people who are good at operating hundreds of 10w+ the amount of reading is really make people jealous, ordinary people can write better and there is no chance of


I am not reconciled. So I have repeatedly the same article published today’s headlines by the headlines, found that the article is easy to read the number of thousands, and the recommended amount is not too difficult. What does that mean, because today’s headlines are much more user friendly than WeChat?. The flow between an open system and a closed system

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