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Comments on SNS web site

campus network (xiaonei.com) was founded in December 2005, is the earliest China Campus (SNS SNS community is the social networking service, specifically designed to help people build a social network of Internet application services), is currently the China college market has a monopoly of the campus website.

, a source of creativity in the school network

SNS Friendster (www.friendster.com) popular in the United States, China is still a blank, the leading Internet Chinese years American model copy means a shortcut to success. So the founder of the campus network Wang Xing developed the first project " a lot of friends ". But in the market was cold, Wang Xing believes that the most important reason is that the location is too broad and unfavorable promotion. So, he aimed at a more diverse market – College Students’ SNS website. In the United States, this model has a very successful model Facebook (www.facebook.com).

Facebook and MySpace is a famous university community, which is composed of several Harvard University students to create, the most important feature is to close the site: it only for American college students open, users must be registered by the domain name edu mailbox, and needed to pass authentication. This combination of user identity and simple online and offline activities to make it become the American college students online Park, spend hours every day, many users find friends and fun in Facebook. This may be the source of creativity in the campus network.

two, campus network service content

1, show yourself, meet new friends, find old classmates;

2, log and album to record life bit by bit

3, and friends to share photos, groups, music, movies, books,

4, the first time to understand the latest developments around friends;

5, the evaluation of the class, the understanding of the same course;

6, to meet like-minded friends.

7, through the improvement of high school, junior high school and primary school information, find the long lost old classmates.

three, the characteristics of the campus network:

1, the campus network is a real network, pay attention to the authenticity of personal data, requiring users to fill in the real name, real head, real information. After the artificial audit to become star users.

2, the campus network has a good personal home page, you can create a personalized space, publish a log, upload photos, share new friends.

3, the campus network attaches great importance to the protection of the user’s privacy, the school network provides a more comprehensive set of privacy to ensure your information security. Into the upper right corner

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