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Simple website promotion program

is a website promotion program I 08 years mid of a parade, the maximum flow rate on the website of IP 5000, a reference to everyone:

domain name: http://s.xhrdy.com

net name: the latest movie

time: August 2008

promotion program:

1, search engine optimization. The station is set in the early keyword strategy, the subject "home to do the latest movies, 2008 new movies", pages for video name do layout work of long tail keywords. The reasonable construction of the link within the site, so that the site focused on the theme, the weight transfer reasonable. Home template production, SEO factor into each reasonable position. Generate static pages, according to the existing resources to do the appropriate chain.

effect: Baidu included, 2008 latest movie, the latest movie after several days of modification and perfection, into the first page of Baidu. The chain was built again, after a period of operation, Google’s 2008 latest movie row of third, the latest movie, the first page of the last one.

2, mail. Write attractive text and send to the user in advance.

effect: get a number of users with relatively high turnover rate.

3, blog: in their previous blog column, special release some technical content of soft Wen, plus the appropriate link, the user guide to the target site.

4, QQ: first issued to QQ on a strange friend, and then find a familiar friend to help send links.

5, under the line: let friends and friends visit the site to watch the movie, after the website interface and user experience, through the integrity of the surrounding friends also get a certain amount of traffic.

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