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Grassroots media stars are so fire

in today’s microphone is everyone’s era, since the word is widely known to the public. At that time, Putian cover news from the media with voice. For those who have coffee is from the media star, do not do this too much. Today, I would like to tell you about the operation of the media star from the process, to see how the stars from the media fire up!

self localization

everyone has their own advantages, you have to find out where your own strengths, if you feel that there is no advantage, then embarrassed, you really do not fit when the media star!

some people are good at comments, some people are good at writing, some people like to sell products, and some people like training seminars. These can be developed as an advantage from the direction of the media star. Clear target orientation is do you need to take a good first step from the media star.

and every one from the media stars are in a certain area inside, occupy their own place, so be sure to think they want to develop in that field.

packaging their own

as the saying goes, a man is a horse is a saddle. After you have their own packaging, "appears to have emboldened to go! If you come to a strange city, you wore a beggar, someone will definitely put you as a beggar. If you wear a suit, refined and cultured, first impression will take you as a successful person (of course, may also take you as selling insurance)

all successful products in the market before, will also put this piece of packaging effort. So you have to think about whether you can have the experience of taking a hand, such as an industry expert or in a large company has been an important position.


expand contacts

you want to be famous in an industry, there is no network how to do it? So, you have to find ways to add some areas inside the crowd, of course, with the time, please remember that with a humble attitude, to tell their own learning and communication is devout.

best to establish their own QQ group, the use of groups to expand their network resources faster!

Leveraging the power of

sometimes we use our resources to do things that may be too slow. A good way to make you more effective, that is needed has been formed since the media star or in the field there are certain influence! You have to try to go near them, and with what method, you can think of! Does not recommend the use of force or seduce solution


to promote their own

It’s good for

to push others, but don’t forget to push yourself. Or hold together promotion! A person’s own strength is limited, when the steps that you do well in front of you, your influence will have a promotion, and do not.

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