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nternet marketing innovation need to avoid the three traps

Internet era, marketing innovation is one of the most common means of operation in the business ecosystem, but also an important way to achieve profitable business electricity supplier. However, for Internet marketing innovation, we can not always be classified as a commercial behavior theory, it should be a down to earth, and the market and consumers are most compatible mode of operation, we need careful treatment. This is because the Internet marketing innovation itself has several pitfalls, little attention will be reduced to one:


trap one, wishful thinking, corporate standards is the source of innovation. Internet marketing is the need for continuous innovation, and constantly explore their own market value. However, if only from the perspective of enterprise standard, to force marketing innovation, the pure concept of innovation or blindly follow the trend of competition, or blindly pursue large, it will only lead to a clear positioning, not landing, dismal. Because there is no deeper experience of the actual situation of the consumer, and marketing innovation tall is not truly useful, would eventually become outcasts for consumers and the market "".

trap two, telling their own stories, disregard the existing consumer cognition. What do you do, how you do it, what the truth is,…… Consumers will understand you and your products and services in accordance with their own knowledge and common sense. If you just wishful thinking, talking, hard sell, it will only be rejected by consumers and resentment, causing obstacles to consumption. So, the Internet marketing must deeply research and leveraging the existing consumer cognition, rather than blindly, from basic cognitive habits and even challenge against their long-term natural and mental defense system "". Only consumers leveraging existing cognitive marketing innovation, can be more close to the consumer’s perception of habits, can deeply impress consumers, but also to make it so that consumers recognized and accepted.

trap three, the concept of marketing innovation of tricks ready to accept either course. In today’s no shortage of ideas and spread over the years, without a clear definition and accurate positioning, just tricks of vague, complex marketing concept innovation, ready to accept either course burdensome, will only make consumers confused, unclear key, only is the instinct of rejection, let alone understand and identity. It is simple in the fragmentation of the law of the era of marketing success. Only clear, simple and easy to transfer the interests of consumers to communicate, let the target user seats, to start immediate consumption, to make pre marketing value.

in the Internet era, only the consumer in the first place, all in order to improve the consumer experience, to create value for consumers as the core, in order to better do a good job of marketing innovation, but also to better help companies achieve marketing revenue.

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