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nventory 2012 word of mouth marketing success case worth learning

word-of-mouth marketing in marketing has been widely used, now the rapid development of society and the age of the Internet, consumer communication more use of the Internet, which makes people virtual distance shortened, more and more information communication and exchange of resources, but also makes more and more enterprises mentioned by people, the image of the enterprise is also magnified, when corporate reputation has attracted more and more attention, an important strategy in word-of-mouth marketing strategy of the enterprise. 2012 has been a vigorous past, which word-of-mouth marketing case is worth sharing it?

1: Singapore National Day Night Mentos viral video "made man"


: here is a Mentos "made man"

August 9th is Singapore National Day, in accordance with the Convention will launch an annual national day the first official theme song, launched in 2012 is "love in the morning" (Love at First Light). However, it is in the limelight Mint Mentos took away a lot of National Day, the latter in the week before the release of an own creation of national song "National Day Night" (National Night), to encourage people to celebrate the festival in a new way: make love for singapore. This is the first explicit words R& B songs aimed at promoting a new theme of Mentos mints "I love Singapore" (I Heart SG).

‘s declining birth rate has been a headache for singapore. According to the 2011 U.S. Central Intelligence Agency World (CIA world Factbook) estimates that the birth rate of only 7.72 of Singapore, the lowest level in the world. The immigration policy is not recognized by the local people, so, in addition to the national day of the grand parade of government leaders attended the parade, but also to promote more than the child’s main forum.

this time, according to the Singapore government to exercise for a return to the heart, released an occasion to create their own national song "National Day Night", called on everyone to do more national responsibility, to celebrate the festival in a new way: "make love for singapore". Explicit words, cool tunes, may not be able to get a conservative welcome, is widely popular with young people. Due to the virus, once launched rapidly popular in the network, attracted nearly 400 thousand hits on the YouTube, nearly half of Singapore’s official national day song. "Singapore made man" is this group of people? So a bit of a bantering tone, but perhaps than government preaching is much more likely to be accepted, to bring people a little touches. Besides, they also are Mint Mentos target customers.

comment: according to this occasion Singapore National Day release of the music video has attracted many young people’s eye, and these people is the core of the user according to the product, get more clicks and word-of-mouth > using Mentos eye-catching viral video

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