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Li Donglou capital winter is really coming


yesterday, the Central People’s broadcasting station east line, this topic is: the capital of winter is not really up to


in fact, this is an old topic, early in September this year, the capital circle just broke the winter capital speech is talked about, and points out the essence and truth of the winter capital, for entrepreneurs, before success, every day is very careful, every year like winter, and how to usher in the real spring, certainly not money can solve the financing, must be real products to win the market, won the user’s welcome. Otherwise, even if it is warm, damn is dying. See: "why the capital of the cold winter theory? What is the truth?"

in today’s Central People’s radio host, east also made some supplementary answer. The following is a Q & a record:

CNR: now we are talking about the capital of winter, winter is not really coming?

: east capital could really winter is coming, the economic situation is not good, cause a lot of risk fund managers may have problems in raising funds, when fund less money and therefore more cautious investment, which leads to entrepreneurs hard as before easy money. Another obvious feature of the winter capital is recently in the industry investors increasingly high-profile, do have brand endorsement for their own funds, on the one hand, in order to find a good project, on the other hand is actually in order to expand the visibility, to prepare for the next round to raise more money.

CNR Moderator: O2O project financing suffered difficulties, why not favored by the capital


East: O2O project is not favored by the capital there are three main reasons:

, the first O2O burn too fast, the possibility of O2O investment dashuipiao too big. At present, if related to the O2O project, investment of billions of dollars, basically no play. While many domestic O2O projects are almost entirely of business model innovation, no core competitiveness, eventually became the capital of the game, but in the past few years, the O2O project investment risk investors earn less, now lead to a lot of risk investors — automatic screening of O2O project.

second, O2O projects are mostly pseudo demand, such as home washing, such as home cooking, etc.. These projects in the capital was born when the hottest, and in the process of subsidy was ushered in a false prosperity, and after a year of market testing, especially after the end of financing, mostly in failure.

third, strong demand for O2O has been occupied by the giant pit, entrepreneurs are more difficult to stand out. The O2O field has seen a number of giants, such as new, such as 58 ganji.com, such as drops fast etc.. These giants occupy a large number of strong demand in the O2O market, entrepreneurs have no more opportunities to stand out from.

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