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Forgotten gold mine talk about the value of big data marketing business

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Internet marketing, general business marketing must consider many aspects of industry characteristics, product type, through the discussion of the marketing team, the manager’s decision to end execution, and in the process of marketing, combined with the marketing cost and the market effect of continuous adjustment. This internet marketing ideas and there is no obvious loophole, but the accuracy of the marketing direction to the past Zhu Geliang, before the market feedback data, who can not determine whether the success of marketing. Domestic small and medium enterprises are keen on this side edge analysis of marketing, resulting in a large number of marketing costs, but in exchange for a very small effect, why we do not find the right direction before marketing,


big data marketing – internet marketing compass

everyone will make the plan to travel before the trip, if there is no marketing core direction can only be chaos advertising, no more data is not marketing, the Internet is so advanced today, if you still do not understand the data to select marketing users, there is no doubt that you have left behind.

the so-called big data marketing, is a collection of user behavior data through the Internet, to help enterprises to first identify the target customers, and the advertising content, time, form of anticipation and deployment, thus completing the most reasonable advertising process. The data acquisition platform for big data marketing including the Internet, mobile TV, mobile Internet 3G, emphasizing the timeliness and individuation, have a higher price, through the analysis of target customers looking for direction, and analyze the potential use of the Internet users habits, Internet marketing is the compass.

big data marketing is very simple

big data marketing this word sounds tongue to understand, but the truth is very simple, he is actually a network of research. The big data marketing of who, where, what aspects of enterprise products to sell to? By what advertising platform marketing? What advertising? Through the analysis of the data from the above three points, at least to ensure the accuracy of the marketing direction.

who: through the Internet data collection to find information about the age, gender, income and other similar products users.

where: through the data to find your user groups often browse portal, often visited the BBS community, etc..

how to do: through the network data feedback, Collect competitor’s marketing strategy, and analysis of what kind of marketing.

how to implement big data marketing

we already know big data marketing effect is very good, but how to perform? Generally speaking, large enterprises have their own data research institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises generally need to choose the third party research institutions to achieve big data marketing. The best way is not only through the search engine and free data institutions to collect information needed by the enterprise itself, but also rely on professional research companies to collect confidential data, questionnaire

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