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Network marketing effect monitoring assistant

if you think online marketing is a fairly simple thing, you’re wrong. In many people’s impression, the network marketing is mainly issued information, through some special reports or software forms to attract traffic, and thus achieve the conversion rate of consumption. But if you think that network marketing is just the words that you completely mistaken, it also design a lot of other things, such as data collection, performance monitoring and so on, than on the surface looks more complicated. Today, I would like to recommend to you is an effective marketing network marketing platform to promote the effectiveness of monitoring.

it is understood that the Shanghai Qibo Technology Co. Ltd. is a leading domestic high-end software product development business, its products have cloud computing platform and network marketing management system analysis of claw Bo Yang, cloud software.

1, Bo Yang software is the realization of the promotion of social public praise, including word of mouth, micro-blog promotion, micro-blog precision marketing, micro-blog popular interaction, quiz interactive, interactive forums, public opinion monitoring.

2, cloud computing platform aggregation massive computer, complete the Internet public opinion monitoring, distributed compilation, distributed 3D rendering, large-scale scientific computing, securities analysis and other computing tasks.

3, word of mouth marketing services combined with the news media, micro-blog marketing, Forum blog and other resource advantages, coupled with the advantages of independent software research and development, to provide customers with the overall solution of social word-of-mouth marketing.

First of all, I would like to give you a simple

to talk about the importance of monitoring the effectiveness of network marketing. In the network marketing than the delivery of information is more important to monitor the effectiveness of marketing. In other words, the network marketing is not your payment information play is finished, you have to release your information monitoring at any time, so as to come up with what the platform from which platform for delivery, high flow of income, which should increase efforts to put the information, which is so doing, the target will be more clearly, we also realize the premise of precision marketing.

but the actual operation, the effect of the network marketing is a very troublesome track, not only need to spend a lot of time, the data is also easy to cause confusion. Today, I would like to recommend to everyone’s network marketing effect monitoring platform can solve this difficult thing. Do not know before you have not heard of the name of cloud claw network marketing management system, it is a can be used to position the news source status, competition situation, the amount of information on the status of competitive keywords and effective platform status, effective news source situation and the competition situation of "intelligent monitoring of some important information in the process of marketing the analysis software, specific circumstances can be automatic node for each time period, online data report, accurate and effective promotion tool is rare.

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