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Network promotion content and technology is king

network to promote what is most important? Technology or content? The pros and cons? This is a troubled many webmaster, essence of website promotion is the value of the site will show and tell customers how, from two aspects of content and technology to do network promotion? "/p>

a web site promotion, content and technology is equally important, first of all, the need for technology first, and then ultimately rely on the content to win, so the two are indispensable, while King!

network promotion, and ultimately rely on content to win!

The promotion of technology of

search engine is widely respected, general network promotion knowledge also is from the beginning of technology promotion, technology promotion and just general promotion, promotion is the core content of website promotion.

now has a wrong point of view, that can be used to buy the money to buy traffic, which is very superficial. The value of the site is often reflected in the content, from the point of view of the content, the need to do a few points before winning.

1, according to your choice of keywords and the needs of your target customer groups to important web page editing vivid, attractive article, of course, to ensure that the search engine can read these articles. This is a decisive factor in the success of a website.

to modify and optimize the articles, especially at the beginning of the title and content, try to be modified properly around the key word to change, but avoid keyword stuffing! Don’t put a bunch of words together, so that it becomes a steal chicken not eclipse the rice


2, to promote the content of the characteristics, to launch the site’s own innovation and specificity, to develop the unique needs of web users.

For example,

can be for users to see them, except for the industry demand, and there is no demand? This needs you through the investigation, to understand your users have the same interests, preferences, and to meet their needs.

, for example, a music website in addition to love this music common attributes, there are no other common property? Affirmation is some, such as love music users love online entertainment, so you can seize the user attributes common to the development of entertainment website features. How to meet the entertainment properties of their game?, is a good choice, of course, now let the general website to develop the game, not too realistic, but to join a popular web game platform, is a good choice, in this industry better have bubbles play web game platform union.popwan.com. It can not only meet the needs of users and offbeat, can give site bring additional revenue, you also highlighted in the same site characteristics and advantages, with one, Why not?


3, the site should understand that no matter what the line, there must be more than you have the advantage of the site. So your site for the boss of these industries

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