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The subversion of the traditional marketing PR 11 strokes nternet Nirvana

this is the first half of my speech in a public relations Forum on the selection of the industry, but also in recent years, I explore some of the Internet marketing public relations.


[how to subvert the Internet PR industry?]

Internet is sweeping across all industries, public relations industry also naturally escape the impact of the Internet and subversion. I think the Internet has three characteristics:

1, flattening; 2, gridding; 3.

called flat, that is, to disintermediation. The characteristics of the Internet, which is to remove the intermediate link of information transmission, shorten the chain of information transmission. Prior to the dissemination of information, the enterprise will be transmitted to the target audience through the media information. Now, enterprises can directly transfer the information from the media to the target audience.

called the grid, each person, each media, each enterprise in the Internet is a grid, which makes everyone equal, interactive communication between these grids more convenient, more open. So the result of grid is equality, interaction and openness.

so-called iteration, refers to the advent of the Internet, making the information transmission and public relations, is no longer a one-way, but a spiral closed loop. The enterprise will disseminate information to the public, the public information to be reflected, in turn will lead to a new action, and Everything looks fresh and gay.

Internet is subverting PR communication, the three characteristics of the Internet is a revolutionary impact on the spread of public relations. For example, to the intermediary, require enterprises to strengthen your own media, namely micro-blog, WeChat and other official official building; such as grid, enterprise is no longer single direction transmission of information, but to their own interests and related to two-way interaction. This is an attitude, but also a way of thinking.

[Internet era of the 11 law of communication]

A. test, test, test

is precisely because companies can interact directly with the audience, which makes the test possible. Why do you want to do this test because in the complex Internet era, any good public relations experts are unable to accurately predict their information in the public reaction, this time the test is very important.

How to test

? There are many methods, such as some experts see we often talk a lot of nonsense, may actually be behind a profit test team are coming to a decision, to test the public’s reaction. Through expert test public reaction is a kind of method, by way of comment or thread is another method. For example, you can use third party opinion leaders micro-blog way to view the user’s comments to predict and analyze the public reaction.

testing is to accurately ascertain the public to one thing, in response to a particular point of view, so as to reduce the misjudgment, improve > core information and their PR strategy

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