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The station for half a year of bitter bitterness

      as has recently been busy, no time, so [original] site mentality in six months of bitter bitter continued has not written. This evening suddenly woke up can’t fall asleep, the unfinished continued writing and play.

      now do stand friends should be very clear now to promote a new station is very difficult, although my novel station flow up, but compared to the other station is still pale into insignificance by comparison, also want to get some traffic. After spreading around the wall, I whim, since the Forum does not let me send me SMS advertising, that does not become a moderator? It could not see, and can accurately make those resident members know my station. Of course must be touching diction vivid, the highest realm of propaganda is to let people do not see is the word of publicity, and think of you he wants to recommend a good hearted, people naturally willing to your station to see. Although this method is stupid, but the efficiency is very low, but for me to win is very valuable, but a permanent member of a much better than thousands of.


      also said a little, the website space, this may be a sore spot in the hearts of all the owners. Are currently selling space friends everywhere, have their own space to say the universe as if it were raining flowers in addition to their space, the rest are scum. But we have just begun do stand friends which can understand them, even for a few years the station friends is also very headache, who know they are telling the truth or falsehood, especially that in 02 years behind just bought ID IDC, such as dozens of pieces of money to buy a ID you can use, no don’t need to go to the new district to post what, give people the feeling is quite unreliable. Best buy space or do not go I don’t know the ins and outs of the place to buy, do not go to Taobao, go buying. May pat space business credibility is very high, but everybody knows evaluation There is a time limit, but a space is usually out of more than 1 months to reflect the buyers, while urging you to evaluate the general debugging of space for you, especially to buy win space friends, today you may give him a high praise, he gave you the space resources the limit is too low tomorrow. So buy or buy the best space behind the good reputation of the space, but don’t buy that W posted to the agency, most of the time you don’t know who is their agent, and they are claimed and signature space independent system, how can we feel at ease.


      stop doing more and more space is more and more overwhelmed. This thought is to buy a server, but his novels stand not enough money to eat, how to do? This time really bothered me, I had the night alone walk in the park nearby. Later finally, know that in the current environment, it is impossible not to do evil, you do not do so, there will be someone else to do, and no >

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