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Rice network to the United States listed on the NYSE plans to raise 100 million

news May 19th, rice network yesterday (May 18th) evening to submit the NYSE listing application, plans to finance up to $100 million, stock code "TAOM". Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank as the IPO underwriters, rice network has not yet been disclosed in the prospectus of the issue price of IPO.

disclosure of the company’s IPO prospectus, rice network last year, net revenues of $35 million 970 thousand, of which online business revenue of $33 million 680 thousand, business income line is $2 million 290 thousand; 2010 net profit of $21 million 100 thousand.

in terms of ownership structure, angel investors, chairman of the board of directors of the rice Ceng Liqing 23.5% stake, is the largest individual shareholder rice network, Gan Qiming Jianping holds 21.7%; co founder and CEO Wang Haibing holds 16.5%.

according to the prospectus, rice and the number of active users as of the first quarter of this year was 27 million 330 thousand, in which the active paying users was 2 million 740 thousand, the per capita ARPU value of $4.6.

rice network main operation the development of "Moore Park", "Purcell number" and a series of children’s virtual community and its derivatives business line. The CEO and CTO Haibing Wang Wei Zhen, COO Cheng Yunpeng in October 2007 co founded the first domestic rice company, with the help of children’s virtual community "Moore Park" success, opened the Chinese children’s Internet market.

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