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The anti pornography special action 18 central media websites promised to resist pornographic inform

Xinhuanet.com Beijing

on 14 April, the national anti pornography working group office, the state Internet Information Office, Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of Public Security jointly issued "on the 13 day of the campaign against online pornography information special action notice".

after the announcement, the people’s daily, Xinhua news agency, the Central People’s broadcasting station, CCTV and other 18 major central news unit and the website run by the immediate response to special operations requirements, conscientiously carry out self correction, web page prominently in the "notice" "statement" "to the user", indicate a positive attitude, take strong measures to combat online pornographic information. At the same time announced the channels to accept social supervision, in order to carry out the actual action with special action.

Chen Jiandong, vice president of

Guangming Wang said, Guangming Wang set up a special leading working group, the contents of all columns for investigation. As the vanguard of the central news websites, Guangming special action required to respond positively, in the spirit of national, social, users responsible attitude strict quality online content, fulfill social responsibility, no propagation conditions and channels for the dissemination of pornographic information, protect the interests of Internet users especially the healthy growth of young people.

xinhuanet.com deputy editor in chief Yang Xinhua said, xinhuanet.com will take more stringent control measures to further implement the information security management system, improve the content of audit mechanism and research application of technical measures to prevent the spread of harmful information, to prevent the invasion of harmful information on the "alarm" and "safety valve" to ensure whether it is text pictures, audio and video, etc. what form, whether PC or mobile Internet platform, whether it is news or online advertising, whether posted or uploaded editors are firmly to pornographic information and shut the door.

The construction of

network need to clear space, site builders and the majority of users to work together. The main central media website issued a call to users, hoping to work with the majority of users together to resist the use of the Internet to disseminate pornographic information and vulgar information behavior, and jointly build online spiritual home.

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