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Look at the Sina micro blog profit and innovation trends from the Ali wave event

although Ali shares Sina micro-blog stranded, but Ali wave incident, which represents the trend of integration of micro-blog SNS is still in effect, will still give us a lot of speculation and hot topics.

in the middle of this month, Sina announced 2012 three quarter earnings. Among them, the net revenues of $152 million 400 thousand, an increase of 17%. But net profit of $9 million 900 thousand, compared with $33 million 200 thousand in the previous quarter fell by $70%.


from the beginning of this year, Sina has been trying to establish Sina micro-blog revenue model, but at present whether micro-blog games, or marketing, display advertising, and not be able to do on a large scale in a way. The Sina portal advertising money hit in micro-blog, Sina and Sina cash is very valuable, not many financing channels, now $50, compared with last year, the highest price is close to $140 a share price cut, so low, want additional is unlikely.

from the current development trend of micro-blog point of view, has not yet found a determined profit model, is still in the era of staking, the future profit model may be as follows:

1, first brand advertising revenue. Micro-blog through the establishment of a large platform, relying on more users to bring more hits, you can attract brand advertising.

2, and other sites for revenue sharing. Micro-blog can take advantage of its huge user base, the establishment of a tool similar to the search and other tools, a large number of user groups transferred to other sites, and other sites and advertising.

3, user database profit model. In micro-blog, the user to open the view of many privacy, and the user data and information data are worthy of deep mining, therefore, to provide valuable marketing data and information through micro-blog, so marketers can batch tracking these users.

4, the enterprise user charges. Enterprise users can get access to traffic analysis tools and other services, so as to develop more potential customers on micro-blog.

5, operators are divided into. With the official commercial 3G, mobile media will usher in a period of rapid development, and micro-blog is born with a full integration of the characteristics of the mobile media and good, so you can and mobile operators for traffic and sms.

6, value added services. First, the development of deep information, that is to provide high-end users with diverse and personalized information.

7, to find the platform transconductance traffic: some joint platform, let it play a better role in transforming flow.

Sina micro-blog development is currently facing difficulties, how to solve?

1, in urgent need of cash: from Sina’s third quarter earnings report, Sina’s third quarter net profit of $9 million 900 thousand, down by 103%, ring >

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