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Know almost goddess fraud on platform responsibility and human flesh search


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recently, just exposed the Baidu Post Bar event because almost a fraud on the Internet and fire up.

The story of the

story is as follows:

a man who played the triangle, are suffering from heart disease but not self love and unremitting self-improvement admitted to Fudan study abroad and eventually become the florist boss "positive energy beauty", "beauty of love and positive energy", and the husband of positive energy beauty has similar experience with the disease but the operation failed then "tragic girl".

is the first man to use the identity and legend of positive energy to beauty in love programses and answer emotional problems become known in V, after the tragic young girl appeared in a story, the beauty of positive energy to encourage and organize fund-raising, eventually won a $150 thousand donation (now the statistics data is 70 thousand).

after a lapse of six months, their identity was exposed, caused by anger, so know almost began a round of crazy human flesh search, use social engineering to disclose its most information in the know registered public security personnel are also actively involved in, ready to bring to justice.

light is a network of fraud itself is not so strange, but high-quality known know almost this fraud or a surprise, and a series of subsequent problems caused also thought-provoking.

, a high-quality community does not change the essence of the Internet

as early as twenty years ago, when the Internet had just started, some people have said that on the Internet, no one knows you are a dog. Network is the network, the reality is the reality, we still very clear points.

network is anonymous ID, and the actual identity should not be associated with. But then with the rise of such social networks such as micro-blog, with the real name authentication, with a big V, the boundaries between reality and the network began to blur.

a person micro-blog certification is a business CEO, we naturally give him a halo, so there is the Jocie Guo incident.

know almost no official certification on the basic, the user can only answer questions and his words and descriptions, maps to form the overall understanding of them, and these things do not fly.

observer editor in chief of the network has been summed up in some areas of ignorance, through the search engine to obtain knowledge, answer questions, get praise, become aware of almost V.

and crooks can take advantage of this. Know the fraud of the protagonist, with emotional problems the lack of rational fields as a breakthrough, silhouetted against each other by several vest, plus a few wonderful stories, a virtual personal life experiences, win the trust of the tens of thousands of fans, the most.

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