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Daily topic online education bubble Lack of profit model industry is facing reshuffle

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) October 10th news, whether you admit that online education is the most popular keywords in the year of 2014. Data show that China’s online education market is growing at an annual rate of more than 30%, by 2015 the scale will be more than 160 billion yuan.

in recent years, online education is Entrepreneurship and investment, according to incomplete statistics, China almost every born 2 online education institutions, the total monthly financing statistics to billion yuan. But users are cold, the overall online education development is slow.

September 12th, Gong Haiyan wrote in micro-blog: turn a circle back to the origin, decided to focus on 91 foreign teachers, in the hope that we can provide better online teaching services……" For a time, on the ladder network and that good network news in the online rumors of layoffs. Subsequently, Gong Haiyan in the internal mail to all staff confirmed the news of layoffs. The defeat of ladder network and that a good network, is reminiscent of online education to bubble


online education is now hot, is usually divided into two categories: one is the vertical training website in English, IT and other professional skills based, age level for larger groups, mostly high school and university students; the other is for the K12 (basic education stage) of the primary and middle school students. The younger students. The former appeared earlier and more mature business model, which was seen as a great seat unlimited potential gold mine, Ai Rui consulting data show that in 2013 Chinese online education market reached 83 billion 970 million yuan, of which, online education in primary and secondary schools (K12) is the fastest growing segments in 2014, accounted for by 7.4% in 2013 the ascent to 12.2%, reached 21 billion 150 million yuan.

online education prospects, but it is likely that the next few months to more than a dozen months, the online education industry will not look so lively now. If the past is another scene, the current entrepreneurs to work hard." The founder and CEO of Hujiang network Fucai Rui predicted that the industry bubble blown broken.

look at many types of online education companies, mostly in the following forms: information and forums based on the main content of teaching, to build a platform based, to assist the ground based teaching. However, it is not easy to find a way to make a profit.

a large number of listed companies as well as the influx of capital hot money online education industry, but also caused some concern in the industry. A study of online education industry has long been engaged in that, compared with other industries, online education is very high on the industry contacts, content resources, technology platform, sales channels are required, and not just rely on the burn to maintain, "and many companies do not understand before education, is bound to exacerbate the stampede in industry bubble".

can foresee, next, domestic online education will enter a round of adjustment period, >

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