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Look at the trend of nternet technology industry from the twelve science and technology hot words

New Year’s day, every reader who is reading the article should have come home safely or on the way home. Although people always say that the taste is more and more light, but the new year after all is the new year, and family reunion day is so delicious, so happy sweet. And in the past year, whether you are for what opportunity in the vast sea "" on us, Liu Kuang said the public to thank every reader friends here, thank you and recognized the Liu Kuang public number will continue to offer more hot friends of the original article.


so, as the happy Spring Festival, of course something special for everyone, for a change. Today, we have to talk about the Internet Science and technology have to say that the high frequency terms, some of the new words, some are a few years ago, but has been frequently mentioned words.

a, go to the center of

originally refers to the way in which the node determines the center in the information technology, and the concept of the "center" is decided by the center. Now in the Internet, which started from the Web2.0 era, users can participate in web content, can choose the center stage, the right level of relative equality, structure model of open and flat. To go to the center is not to stop the center, but to get rid of the absolute center.

, for example, is the most typical example of social media, blogs and other UGC. With the popularity of the Internet, anyone can participate in the social network, to produce their own content and voluntary attention to some of the topics of interest or character. Takeaway platform diversion of the flow of the school cafeteria, about car software diverted the flow of the bus system, these are examples of the center. The center is no longer mandatory for users, to the center of the Internet is a good ideal state, but for the platform, to achieve the ideal state or the need to put down a lot, has a long way to go.

two, the long tail effect

is the emphasis of the long tail effect of personalization, refers to the demand curve on a small amount of demand, all the non popular market will form a larger than the popular market. That is, to make a small amount of money in the market, but to earn a lot of money.

in the enterprise, driven by the pursuit of profit maximization, often the formation of a large number of enterprises to participate in the red sea battle has the blue ocean market indifferent. With the development of Internet technology, information communication costs decline, concerned about the risk of non mainstream market greatly reduced, also let a lot of enterprise more and more people begin to pay attention to minority interests and needs. In many areas, the long tail effect is becoming more and more prominent.

such as the Internet financial market on the long tail effect, let the financial practitioners begin to pay attention to those small and medium-sized enterprises and personal credit, rather than to large enterprises in droves, the advantage of the long tail number >

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