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Microsoft MSN yesterday began to withdraw from the market in addition to Chinese outside the mainlan

newspaper news (reporter Wu Weiqun) announced on March 15th officially closed its MSNMessenger software on Microsoft before the news yesterday, the Taiwan area Chinese MSN Messenger service officially retired from the Skype successor, which is Microsoft after the release of the first official statement of the retreat retreat. According to Microsoft’s previous statement, even if the MSN Messenger to stop the service outside the mainland of China, the Chinese mainland users will not be affected by any of these users can communicate with overseas friends.


a trend which cannot be halted

MSN long ago, it is already the world of WeChat, micro-blog, yesterday, Ms. Lee, who lives in Xhenzhuang heard MSN glorious retirement news, told reporters that said.

is generally referred to as "MSN", the name is Microsoft Messenger instant messaging software, since it launched in July 1999, formerly known as MSNMessenger, in 2005 with the launch of Microsoft WindowsLive service, now changed to the name WindowsLiveMessenger. Only a short while ago, two round circle small head, classic "thump, thump" login prompt sound, vibration, offline messages and other functions, as well as lively and vivid emoticons, let users relish. From 2000 to 2010, MSN global computer users, regardless of office workers or students, using the MSN message, photo sharing, group discussion, "we love, quarrel, composite, marriage, are completed in MSN MSN, carrying us many good memories!" Miss Li told reporters.


recalls: "call vibration is one of the most impressive features, especially the beloved online call a heart shock, followed the vibrate together, a heart thump, thump jump……"

was born in 1968, Mr. Wu, from the beginning of 2002 is a loyal user of MSN. He told reporters: "as long as the MSN market in the mainland of China does not retreat one day, I will keep it one day. Although I have a variety of tools, but micro-blog can not read, WeChat is mainly used to contact the phone contacts, business partners or in the use of MSN communication, as the QQ well, it is the son of the generation to play."

it is understood that the MSN peak of 300 million active users worldwide, but nearly 2 to 3 years, the user has been a large number of losses, and now there are about MSN users around the world. Instant messaging market, the rise of various types of social networking sites and a variety of instant messaging tools, is the reason to accelerate the decline of MSN. "80", Mr. Wang said: "the instant communication tool in recent years the rise of new, mobile phone, PC, tablet can cover all kinds of terminals, can be very easy to transfer text, voice, video and other information to the user, MSN is a PC based instant messaging.

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