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Check open room network resurrection 20 million open house records suspected leak

"this website too bad, just enter the name, telephone, address and other information can be found, no wonder a lot of sales calls to harass us!" yesterday, Mr. Guo people reflect to the newspaper, called "open room I can help you check the site allegedly multiplayer privacy exposure. In this regard, the 12377 China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center and respond to the law enforcement departments will be transferred to verify the handling.

can enter the name

"a few days ago, there was a call me to sell insurance products, as usual, I intend to hang up directly, but also reported on the other side actually my name, I am very curious how they know my contact information, he ventured to ask the next, he said is in a public information website." Guo told the Beijing Morning Post (micro-blog) reporter, he opened the open room I help you, the site, found that simply enter the ID number or name, you can find information about yourself. Mr. Guo was very angry.

so this site is how to obtain the information of Mr. Guo? Guo admitted that because of his work, often go away on business hotel, generally are required to check the ID card registration, this may be their personal information was leaked out. "The recent business trip to Taiyuan, lived in a Fasthotel named Jin Guang Taiyuan Wuyi Road, asked me to stay registered with the ID card." Guo on the site, check in time to remember. "According to saying that the site is hacker master data, and clearly stated on the website can count to 20 million Jiudiankaifang records, that often staying in a hotel customer’s personal information an easy job to do will be leaked out."

spend money to find more

yesterday, the reporter login Guo referred to as "open room I help you" website, the website stated, "there is a name can be queried, with the identity card number to be able to accurately query open room records. Crack 20 million hotels open room information." Reporters only randomly entered a name, it was found in more than a hundred people with the date of birth, ID card number, phone number, home address and check-in time and other detailed information. To verify the authenticity, the reporter then call one of the telephone numbers in each other by their first names turned on, get a response, and checked the identity information, all right.

reporter noted that the right side of the site is marked with a QQ number, saying, the national authority hacker: query hotel open room records, cell phone positioning to find people, cell phone call records, flights, industrial and commercial ID, etc.". The reporter then contact the QQ, conversation that money will be able to query the checked people since 2009 to the present day open house records and more information. "Can only be found on the website to reveal personal information, can be found to pay for all the information, to ensure that all Check Inn Hotel can be found. Query nationwide record 1600 yuan a house, a province of 1100 yuan. Cell phone positioning to find someone to service, positioning mobile number 1100 yuan, telecom number of $900, China Unicom number of 700

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