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SNS operation of the use of QQ group promotion four tips

series of SNS operations began to write articles, welcome Paizhuan, more exchanges.

through QQ promotion, the webmaster can invite users to register in the QQ group, publish web advertising, interactive cooperation, etc.. Be able to quickly pull the target members of the site, improve site visits. However, due to many webmaster QQ group in the promotion of improper operation, resulting in the promotion of unsatisfactory results. My family for a long time (www.wojia99.com) at present in this regard to do some adjustments.

first: how to choose and find QQ group

login Tencent QQ group home page (http://s.group.qq.com/), in the search to join the group in the search box to enter the keywords you want to find, there are a lot of QQ group, choose more than 40 people to join the group.

second: how to select and join the QQ group

search page when the group arrived, will see a lot of related groups, how to quickly add? To prepare a special to add group QQ, for example, do you want to add the local group, the QQ, is to write the local information and other similar. Then point to the group title above to search, and then attribute point to the inside of the final digital copy of the address down, this is the QQ group number, so a bunch of say, very simple to operate the breath.

plus Q group number, the need to pay attention to is that when the target group to find out how to add. At the beginning of every day plus group, but only a very small number of validation, so the group also have some skills. When asked to join the QQ group, be sure to enter the authentication information, so as to show their sincerity. At the same time, we should use polite language to express their strong desire to join QQ group communication, so the probability of verification will be relatively large. For example, there is a king of Nanning to the building of the working class, fill in the verification information is "I also work in the king building, and finally found the organization, please pass". The probability of such verification is almost 100%.

third: in the QQ group of others to promote their website skills

A: cooperation with the group administrator

and group cooperation, we must understand each other’s needs, only to meet his demand, he will put his resources to you. It is best to do in his or her group announcement can be posted on our web site. Here’s the skills to practice in more summary.

B: propaganda

in a certain number of QQ group, the webmaster can begin to promote the group. Because it is the SNS site, you can invite friends to register the way to promote the site. But avoid by all means just joined the group in the QQ group directly in the web site links to publicity, so that the promotion effect is almost zero, even if not by the administrator T out of the group, will also be Q friends as a virus. We should think, if you are a QQ group Friends >

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