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Six basic ways of network promotion

network promotion, now everyone should understand, each network service station should contact with the most current mainstream promotion way, there are too many ways worth studying, and each of them can have a great marketing effect, remember there is a saying, a trick to make the world. The only move to practice the ultimate move. So long said, the six basic ways to promote the network

network promotion, want to engage in business in the network, people need to understand the knowledge, there are too many ways to learn about network promotion, but we are familiar and unfamiliar, simple introduce about network promotion way, perhaps, some of you have used very deep.

Forum: network promotion forum, is to find some related and Industry Forum, and in general, we use propaganda, it can be used in the network of water army, but it is said that soon to develop network Navy rules, for example, you are the real estate industry, so to some real estate property market forum to send post, sent some of the latest activities will be better, and find some valuable QQ group from those forums, and to send a message, this is also very good, but also for many. In the forum can put position is some of the signature, put on their own unique information, then spread out, and when the QQ group inside, can build a discussion group, I remember a lot of those who sent the winning information QQ me to join the discussion group, then send a fake lottery information, their Phil are direct report.

blog: I feel the same and the chain of it, ha ha, on the blog, is nothing more than to provide this information to establish some blog, but you have to ensure that these valuable information, and good maintenance down, go through the blog promotion is also a very good information, such as your blog to go to others a message, usually by others in return, you can find some very specific groups to the message, I remember not a blog machine a lot? Their Phil never rejected tools, you can use is the best, with the good with the bad, also is his own things, but to with cunning is their own thing. But if you maintain the blog can exercise their own style of writing, improve the writing ability.

collar: very powerful products, rapid development, let everyone surprised about the means of promotion, has the very strong public effects, a message will spread in a minute raise a Babel of criticism of, as long as you have a good idea, what can be found in the news around the neck broke the news that the transfer speed is fantastic however, on Weibo marketing, first of all you need to have popularity, sina is a good guy, you can go and see, and the use of.

email: email for network promotion tool, but advertising can’t write too hard, or other not look will be deleted, content relatively writtenin mildly point, with nature, similar to the soft mailbox, these are some of the tools, and some on the QQ drift >

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