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The reference function of Alexa ranking to news websites

Alexa ranking is the most important role in a timely manner to grasp the reader’s reading habits, to ensure the stability of the quality of news production, so as to ensure the stability and rise of the news website rankings.

days ago, the State Press and publication administration has been awarded 50 companies of network copyright, NetEase, Sina, Sohu is among the three major portals. At the same time, there are 22 book publishing group, 6 newspapers, 5 periodicals and 5 audio and video companies. Internet publishing is becoming a new form of publishing, with good prospects for development. It can be predicted that the future of network news competition will be more intense.

Alexa ranking has risen from 12000 to more than 1000, is still stable at around 3000.

for network news editor, Alexa website is a good tool to understand the reader’s reading habits. Assume that visitors have fixed the habit of browsing news on Internet every day, so if you meet a website in the news reading needs more, then it is easy to cultivate their fixed reading habits, this newspaper readership is similar to fixed training. Generally speaking, the traditional media, each issue of quality is not exactly the same, but if the reader developed a fixed reading habits, even if there is a slight change in the quality of the newspaper, will not easily give up the newspaper to choose other newspapers. The reading habits of Internet users is also the case, once the contact and enjoy a website, it is easy to form a fixed reading habits. So the news site to do is to cultivate a fixed browser and continue to attract new visitors. As long as the quality of the website news release, in theory, the site’s views and rankings should be stable and rising trend.

from browsing pages, a web browsing more page views, views the larger the total, ranking on the former site of the. Therefore, the choice of the site’s news to increase the number of visitors, two to increase the number of visitors to browse the web. This is a bit like the newspaper reading time, the longer the time to read the newspaper content to attract readers. In the case of large amounts of information, how to select the most popular news release is very worthy of study.

browsing habits from the Internet users, the general is selective reading, the best site is about 10 pages on average, equivalent to see the news of the 10. In this way, the site’s home page design is very important, some similar to the front page of the newspaper. Many news sites by reducing the number of words, increase home page news headline news to improve the access amount of readers. In general, if there are 5 pages on the home page to achieve the reader’s reading preferences, then the site will have a relatively stable ranking. If you reach 8 to 10, then even if the number does not increase the number of posts, the site will also be a significant increase in traffic rankings.

One of the most important aspects of

editing online news is the news you want to care about, like to see. Editor itself is the first reader, often more sensitive than ordinary Internet users. Look at the previous day’s website Alexa>

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