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s your GG account K Just look at it

recently on Google Adsense, it is much raise a Babel of criticism of the. Many of them have innocence, maniang, more people go find some tricky. In this regard, I feel quite. So write something to exchange with you.

Google Adsense, you were blocked today? If your answer is yes, may wish to look down.

ban common situation:

1, click on their own ads on the station, this behavior is known as invalid click". Google original policy: "we do not allow for any reason you click on your own ads on your site, because it might give advertisers cost increases". Google how to determine whether its click, a widespread view is IP. In fact, another very important indicator is cookies. No, just delete the cookies All is well? Because you will never be cleverer than Google;

2, contrary to Google exclusive policy, put on the site Google, Baidu, Sogou and other content advertising. Google policy: "we are not allowed to use the Google search service for Google ads or search boxes to be posted on a web page that we consider competitive advertising or service."


3, the description of the Google ads, policies can not use the "sponsor link", "advertising" other than the description. Google policy: "publishers are not allowed to use" sponsor links "and" advertising "other than the text to mark the ads."


4, Google advertising the size of your site is not required, then modify the code. Google policy original: AdSense advertising code, search box code, or referral code must be directly pasted into the web page, do not make any changes."


5 and other advertising for you, such as floating ads inadvertently blocked Google advertising sight? Google strict provisions of any part of the advertising is visible; Google original policy: "prevent web browsing, Google ads cover"

6, your site is MP3, pictures, movies and other obvious copyright dispute website. Google policy: "should not be displayed in the Google ads with MP3, video, news and image results, such as the contents of the web page."


7, do you have too many ads on the site, where drift, where flash, a mess seriously affect the user experience? Google policy text: "the site should not contain too much advertising";


ads on pop page.

9, placing numerous advertising, not more than three, the product can not be more than one. Google policy: ">

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