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How to do a good job of local station discount card business

many local stations have been launched discount business card, for example: "Xiamen fish card", "Yantai Yantai forum membership card", has achieved remarkable results, the merchant discount card for the benefits of the website is immeasurable, many webmaster friends are struggling to move, businesses can make fantasy discount card the website soar, as everyone knows, the discount card can make the website businesses soar, can make your website all the webmaster friends in the notorious repute, launched a discount card before, must calm down, consider joining the business will have several discount card to out, how to guarantee the customer service. If these problems can be solved, then do not hesitate to speed up the city as soon as possible.

everything is money, bring your plan book to find businesses talk, can be appropriate to boast, for example: we first prepare a 20 thousand card, we have 32 discount card in the local sales points, so that businesses see your confidence and determination, so a few talk about success rate early, joining businesses can not less than 10, with the best discount card consumer guide, because not everyone will go to the website,

Since we launched

business discount card, can not be free service for businesses, in return, a spirit of selfless dedication or the spirit of Lei Feng’s friends please skip this, how to return, there are two kinds of methods, the first method is to take kickbacks, join merchants sell commodity money rebate card consumer products when the computer can transmit the data to the server, this method returns high, but the difficulty is also large, must be equipped with computer and the front of each franchisee business card machine, this method requires high cost, not suitable for the initial use of webmaster friends. The second method is to sell cards, this method returns low, but the difficulty of small, suitable for the majority of grassroots webmaster friends, by selling cards are not valid but can build up the family fortunes, website promotion, although the difficulty of small, but the card how, how, have to consider,

has a lot of card way, we should quickly out of card also want to recover the cost of fast, to find agents, kiosks, local cigarette and liquor vendor can become, agents, a card and a consumer guide book cost, I think the cost does not exceed 2 yuan,

to sell a 5 point fast price, then let the agency point of uniform price 10 quick card, a card 5 yuan profit I think most kiosks will not refuse, do not hurry to collect money every month, fill a card, fill in the card when the money,

has joined the business can not let go, this is a quick card channel, don’t ask why, because the business card issued to join in this shop has been consumed by people, can promote the two consumer, I think it is happy to see the business card, can promote consumer spending even two times three 5 time consumption, fast money, businesses will have the answer obviously. More than two kinds of card out of the way in addition to the activities of the site card, not only to ensure a quick card, but also a small profit,


card is out of service

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