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Gome Suning B2C price counter Jingdong early delivery disadvantage

at a low price in the electronic commerce field courting Jingdong mall, is to face the opponent in the same way to launch onslaught.

at the end of May, Gome (micro-blog) President Wang Junzhou announced, will be the absolute low scoring home appliances online shopping market, the next 2~3 years, Gome online mall (micro-blog) will account for more than 10% of its sales, and will occupy more than 15% market capacity Chinese appliances online shopping.

suning.com had a prominent position on its website to hang "100 thousand goods, 3 fold seckill" slogan. Tesco this year’s sales target is 8 billion yuan, 4 times last year, Suning is planning to get more than 20% of the market share China appliances online shopping market in 3 years.

mall Jingdong chairman of the board and CEO Liu Qiangdong (micro-blog) said fidelity and low price has been the cornerstone of the survival and development of Jingdong. However, when the low price strategy is the traditional home appliance channel crazy copy, Jingdong mall will be how to deal with it?

sampling Kuba minimum

total value of the goods

July 11th, the "daily economic news" reporters were in the mall, Gome and suning.com Jingdong Kuba 3 e-commerce website on 20 randomly selected product price comparison. 20 items with white appliances, black appliances, digital mobile phone and small kitchen appliances 4 categories, each category of different brands were randomly selected as the statistical object. Taking into account the same type of goods due to the delivery of different regional prices will be different, the reporter chose the sample to Guangzhou (or Guangdong) as a delivery address.

According to

reporter statistics, 20 items of Kuba retail and 46067 yuan, 48651 yuan for Tesco, Jingdong 48137 yuan. In comparison, the highest total of Jingdong and Tesco, Bikuba expensive $2070, in the range of about 4%.

into the statistics of goods, in addition to type LC32GS80C, DJ14B-D06 Joyoung Konka TV Soybean Milk machine, Vanward JSQ24-12P2V10, SUPOR CFXB40FD11-75 water heater electric cooker and the PCS5011 electric pressure cooker prices were flat and Kuba or Tesco, the other 15 products, Jingdong are not the lowest price of the mall.

statistical data of 20 products, the United States has 11 pieces of product price for Kuba 3 minimum, accounting for more than 50%.

in fact, three of the price war already broke. In November last year, Gome injection of 48 million yuan Kuba, holding 80% stake in the latter. State the name, will be the Kuba shopping network as the basis to create the first brand of home appliances online shopping 3C.

at that time, the United States price war has sounded chongfenghao, Kuba from late November 2010 to December 8th tens of thousands of home appliances 3C commodities across the board online sales price of 5% to 15%, the largest decline reached 40%, the total amount of profits of more than 10>

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