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What kind of product is suitable for B2C E commerce

with the prosperity of e-commerce market, more and more enterprises and individuals to invest in the flood of e-commerce. But the combination of e-commerce and traditional industries is not easy, and all products and services are suitable for e-commerce model. The driving force of the network marketing consultant institutions after years of B2C work practice, to carry out the selection and determination of e-commerce products have their own experience and practice.

1, strong operating profit margins

there is no profit thing certainly no one to do, but the profit is too low, the price is too transparent goods are not very suitable for e-commerce model. For example, the mass consumer goods and the like, in the market can easily query the price, relatively strong products, it is not suitable for e-commerce. The breakdown of some of the industry’s products, the traditional commodity market, the price is not transparent, larger profit margins, it is very suitable for e-commerce model. Such products such as handicrafts, clothing, adult health products,

for example, the current network common clothing B2C mode, such as line PPG, early today vancl.com, are their own by the buyers and the price from the factory purchase, so a greater profit margin in the market operation, the promotion is very easy to grasp.

recently browsing the B2C website under COFCO I bought net open home, view the product categories, impressively see is "oil" and "rice" or "noodles" like products. I can not help but wonder, commodity market retail prices so low, the profit space is limited, the distribution is troublesome, do not know how to operate, how distribution. At the sight of the main distribution mode is combined with "Datong" unified Tiancheng "phenom" of the 2 logistics company, I would suspect net purchase goods + distribution costs than directly at the door of the supermarket how much cheaper.

is currently in Beijing city supermarkets already blossom everywhere, residents shopping very convenient and affordable. I do not know how to buy the network and the traditional supermarket industry competition. So I think that, at least for now these goods is not very suitable for B2C mode, even big companies such as cofco. In addition, I still have the problem of positioning the network. From another point of view, if I buy a network for the positioning of the Beijing people’s livelihood commodity buy site, mainly in the face of unit benefits, holiday gifts, centralized purchase of life, will be more practical. Reduce the cost of distribution, but also improve the efficiency of distribution.

2, with the appropriate distribution of attributes

this is suitable for some product attributes B2C model. If you do the national market, too much of the cost of goods distribution will be high, the distribution of damage on the way more. So fragile, oversized items are not suitable for B2C mode. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, Jingdong mall is an exception. But Jingdong mall built on a strong distribution layout. At present, Jingdong mall in the country’s major cities have established their own logistics and distribution system. More remote places to provide support for logistics companies, so choose the distribution of goods

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