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Ali meow Street play tourism O2O shopping center around the scenic water

news May 13th, Ali meow Street Tourism O2O has access to water, Liangzhu Cultural Village tourism map, the user can query the travel information through meow street App, complete the online ordering service. Aimed at the shopping center and meow Street surrounding attractions together, such as the impression of the city of Xixi and XiXi Wetland, Shenzhen Yitian Holiday Plaza and the window of the world, Nanjing Aqua City and Confucius temple.

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billion state power network to understand, click on the "meow in street tour Liangzhu" Liangzhu can through various tourist attractions, get the recommended information, covering family, leisure and sports tour routes, it can also pass home shop search directly to complete the online ordering service.

last September, Liangzhu Culture Village new neighborhood officially settled Ali meow street, build community service platform for APP. According to meow street public data show that as of early May, a new neighborhood "meow Street" has completed 27 thousand and 200 transactions, turnover of 2 million 235 thousand and 700 yuan. For a new neighborhood, all kinds of businesses without a separate promotion to the tourists; for Liangzhu tourism, a new neighborhood customer accumulation will become the flow entrance.

the "meow Street" operators responsible person, the next will also increase the map navigation functions, the user enters the corresponding region can directly query service demand and through navigation directly find the destination.

billion state power that has been defined as "Cat Street entrance" Ali line integrated shopping center, said the hope Street meow, scenic and commercial grafting through the Internet platform, form the linkage effect. The street has entered Hangzhou, Ningbo, Huzhou, Hefei, Shaoxing, Nanjing, Beijing, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Xi’an City, more than and 10.

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