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ndustry network integration of the real economy the road of traditional enterprise e commerce

a lot of people say that the garment industry is a great opportunity in the field of retail e-commerce enterprises, and in the field of clothing most suitable for online sales should belong to men’s shirts, resulting in PPG, Vancl B2C and many other men’s shirts, after two or three years of market cultivation, its sales quickly surpassed the traditional the second tier brand shirt, shirt shirt and let the traditional network overweeningly ambitious tea enterprises felt a great pressure.


, CO sponsored by the Ningbo Information Industry Bureau and in search of "2009 China (Ningbo) e-commerce forum" garment enterprises threw out a strategic point of view: "the garment enterprises should use the Internet, should build their own industry network".

In fact,

, for garment enterprises, e-commerce is not just a sales network, it can be used throughout the whole process of the enterprise network, the network hall can draw more orders at home and abroad, the new global network released can save orders and so on.

global financial crisis has prompted more and more companies began to seek new survival and growth patterns, Lenovo, DELL, Procter & Gamble, UNIQLO, Lining, peacebird mainstream brands have begun to select network marketing platform for market expansion. This low operating costs, high sales output, high brand effect by the mainstream model of enterprises.

e-commerce industry in this way not only in the clothing industry, more traditional companies also see a huge business opportunities.

traditional enterprise e-commerce

Lining as early as the end of 08 on the opening of China’s clothing industry B2C precedent.

if the cost factor is the first hurdle straight shop restricts the traditional clothing industry involved in e-commerce, so the channel conflict oncoming is another more difficult to cross the bridge.

shop without borders and cost advantages, is bound to the jurisdiction of the impact of dealers. The original site was quickly broken up clear bar segmentation, followed by the price impact. To this end, hundreds of how Lining is expected in the shop in the price system, Lining will be divided into two parts to carry on the "incorporation".

in B2C, Lining used ground channels of cooperation with dealers, and the online B2C platform signing authorization Lining product sales; and for C2C in the "C", in a sense has become a "B", Lining was not with the signing of the formal licensing agreement, but through preferential conditions product delivery, service and training, will be put under the arm. Currently there are more than 400 C2C shop into the Lining management system. Consumers log on the official mall Lining authorized channel, authorized shop list at a glance, but also provides a link.

indeed, small and medium-sized enterprises in electronic commerce has been in an embarrassing situation, due to the restricted problem of higher information exchange channels narrow, online transaction security funds can not be guaranteed, the operation cost, can effectively promote the development of the industry. This phenomenon has been greatly

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