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the newest site closely resembles the two known mass graves from this period. But researchers have long debated whether these Neolithic farming communities also engaged in warfare and other types of systemized violence. In the 1980s the discovery of two Neolithic mass graves in Germany and Austria led many archaeologists to discount peaceful accounts of these early European farmers The graves contained more than 100 bodies that bore the marks of a violent attack Other researchers however continued to hold that violence among Neolithic people was rare and they dismissed these massacre sites as peculiarities The new mass grave described today in theProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences will be difficult for the pacifiers of prehistory to ignore “It is a very nice very carefully executed study” says bioarchaeologist Linda Fibiger from the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom University of Mainz in Germany bioarchaeologist Christian Meyer and his colleagues learned of the burial site in 2006 when a construction company at Schneck-Kilianstdten near Frankfurt reported that it had hit human remains The bones were lifted in small blocks of soil wrapped in newspaper and delivered to Meyer Although much of the bone was badly disintegrated the team quickly realized it was dealing with comingled human remains that had been cast into a ditch and covered up “There was no thought for burying family members together … no grave goods or arrangement of the bodies” standard burial rites for Neolithic people Meyer says Cleaning and sorting the bones revealed the incomplete skeletons of 13 adults one teenager and 12 children—10 of them under 6 years old and the youngest only 6 months old The skeletons were dated to between 7200 and 6800 years ago about as old as those found at the two other mass graves The skulls showed signs of lethal blows and more than 50% of the shin bones recovered from the grave were broken “The fractures we found here were clearly fresh” Meyer says He and his team suspect that these people were either tortured or mutilated shortly after death Lawrence Keeley an archaeologist from the University of Illinois? slow aging and reduce inflammation. Fenugreek decoction is known to ease soar throat and laryngitis. waterproof.

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