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About 7000000 fans on the United States to see Obama yellow column first

news August 2nd, jumei.com and South Korea Entertainment with more and more close, except in the hit series "W" in the implantation of the bright blind advertising, also claimed the singer Huang column webcast by "for the first time".

billion state power network learned the day before, Huang Zhi listed on jumei.com tried out for the first time the whole network broadcast, and live a new single "distance". This is since July 20th the first Chinese single column by yellow "distance" far since the release of his first public concert, attracted a total of more than 7 million fans watch online.

in addition to singing, Huang and fans live in column caused by interaction, learning Hunan dialect, the northeast dialect and Sichuan dialect, and "performing" eyes closed "guess Chinese dish stunt".


column in 2016 by Huang "I am a singer in the fourth quarter", a "change themselves" to conquer the audience, the first player in the final session of the third, from the soaring popularity. In July 20th, Huang induced release of personal Chinese debut single column "the farthest distance" was released, immediately create downloads in 30 minutes 100 thousand, 12 hours of breaking 200 thousand historical miracle, and won the double platinum certification.


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billion state power network to understand, on-line in March this year, the United States broadcast. As early as January, the United States together CEO Chen Ou announced that the official entry into the film and television culture, in the future layout, the electricity supplier is just a small piece of the United States, but belong to the service, the value of the realization of the way. The United States will open up more new services, the integration of the film, stars, red net, the contents of various resources to create influence on influence to bring traffic and users, three years into the most influential economic value Chinese Yan company.

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July 12th, billion state power network to understand, the hit drama "attachment" actor Jin Yubin appeared in any United States broadcast. After the event, jumei.com announced the launch of the brand live program". The United States has more than 50 brands will host star live events in the next two months, Shiseido, L’OREAL, including dozens of domestic and foreign celebrities Zhao Liying, Du Chun, Hua Chenyu, Zhang Tianai, Liu Haoran, Huang Zhi, listed in August 1st will have the bright beauty live together.

as a live program the first show, attracted the United States APP and H5 share, nearly 5 million 410 thousand online audience to spend India endorsement of Jin Yubin, brand fans net amounted to 300 thousand. At the same time, less than an hour to live as total sales to spend this week for all platforms. In this regard, jumei.com CEO Chen ou think, live on the United States star joint brand significance not only in sales promotion, "become a entertainment and shopping experience of the combined company is our future direction".

in the day before, jumei.com is combined with popular Hunan TV variety "the first grade graduation season" with live talent, casting live online number topped 1 million 700 thousand.

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