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Yang Haoyong why do not vote for money to invest in their own entrepreneurs

I put 60 million dollars on the melon seeds, for me is my last time to venture, put more money to get the shares is the most appropriate. For me, I have the money to invest in entrepreneurs, why not vote for themselves, the most valuable investment is to invest in their own."

This print journalist Zhu Xiaopei

| interview | left photography studio

2015, to me, to say big event is the 58 merger market. But I think the time is more fun in 2015 9, in October, we began to put seeds used car advertising.

if there is no merger, perhaps with the 58 battle is still playing, I even feel that we have the opportunity to win, because we had a lot of money on the account, adequate ammunition. Used to fight, staring at the data every day, the equivalent of you carrying a submachine gun in advance. Now is not the same, you come out from the battlefield, thinking about the adjustment will think a lot of things. If you want to do so, before doing well or not, if you do anything to change. I’ll step back and look at the big picture of the internet. Now start the project to do a lot more calm than before.

back to this matter, I want to do is not the operation of the game, but to think about this thing thoroughly, and then decide what to do. Before a lot of entrepreneurs are like this, talent is also a headache, money is also painful, rushed to the front to fill this hole, fill the hole, a lot of CEO main energy consumption in doing these things, very painful.

I feel more and more, to do business is to rely on the sense of rhythm. Before the market with 58 in this battle, buried his head hit, did not look at the day, you have no other strokes, the two sides have fought for so long, they spell execution, hard to do. The truth is I do seed business for so many years, first began to have a pre judgment of the situation, predict the future push back to do one thing, it is also very good, this is one thing that I feel happy.

used car tuyere will become much, depending on the melon seeds and excellent letter will fight what. We put a lot of money to do the market, accelerate the cultivation of users. Two together when the education market, the user’s perception will be quickly awakened. The development of the industry, depending on the one or two companies run faster, they will even raise the industry process for nearly two or three years.

advertising we played for a long time, excellent letter is the first time. Brand building, is not an event, this event is pulling on the brand, but long-term brand building can not depend on the event driven, see Coca-Cola, Google, apple, is a long-term impact on the user’s cognition, a class of goods or services with a brand associated with.

I do product technology, and prefer to analyze a thing from the user’s point of view. Two or three platforms in a highly competitive, if you can not make a difference in the front, the merger may be the inevitable result of the two companies. This is not the only thing out of this year, there are video. Finally you find

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