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Who can bring a climax

Internet era cannot do without advertising, users need ad! Users cannot do without advertising, why? Because the user has no effort to find ads, no sense to see advertising, so advertising is to guide, advertising is a way to guide the consumer awareness.

since it is a guide, then the hard or soft good?

hard wide, is a simple and very rude and very yellow form of advertising. In other words, is the Ming love.

is a kind of soft, subtle euphemism very lofty forms of advertising. In other words, it’s a secret love.

hard wide, straight, the line on the line, not to leave it, that is not the target user.

soft wide, bitter ah, one side to adhere to, one side to read, or is suffering, boil but is dead.

flooding in this era of information, love is very yellow era, although hard, but sometimes people hate, but hard to make people have a climax. This is a true fact!

a lot of people say that advertising to soft, with a soft way, the idea and the practice are the best, but we want to know if your soft can be sustained, then lost the meaning of a soft, soft incentives to consumers is invalid, and many consumers are not so much patience to see you soft wen. Even after reading, people are not interested in your ad.

so when we have to think of the soft time of the consumer, as well as their own adherence to the level, if you can not reach the standard, it is determined to choose hard.

advertising is to demand that a group of people, is facing the demand of people, for women, men see what is the relationship between the offensive; for men and women. What is the relationship; so the advertising to people who need to be seen. Those who dislike the people are not our target customers.

and now everyone on the hard advertising bias, why? Because we think it is of course, soft, soft is the realm, but you have to see the soft, people, can not see the wool? The occasional advertisements also really as hard as well, now the big company which ad not hard? But you have? Such as millet, often selling, we desperately rush to buy, and those every day with soft advertising, but hungry mad.

for advertising, cognition is greater than the truth, hard wide is direct to consumers a cognitive attitude, can be hard, not soft is useless, consumers do not want too silly, people choose your hardware is reasonable. Today’s consumers value the cost of time, do not love too much thinking, demand driven, you soft simple is silly, you immediately people hard to come to you. Hard as simple and straightforward about guns. Soft wide as ambiguous, slowly tune.

of course, different user groups, hard and soft choices are different, you are faced with a group of young artists must be soft

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