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Free marketing glory no longer Charges actually better than the free effect behind

let’s take a look at two kinds of phenomena: one is when the free charge becomes the form, the user is still in; the other is free of charge has not hit the user. The essential reason of this phenomenon is: the product is necessary or not essential.


free to pay: the user is still

network video resources to achieve the initial model of a full range of free, so the people dig all kinds of drama, and this as a way of entertainment, the user group is still very large.

but into 2014, copyright resources have been standardized, free resources while still exists, but has been greatly reduced, the video site costs, profit is not yet a major breakthrough, only dig membership fees, expand the existing profit model from the user’s body (advertising a substantial increase in a remission).

now, we can see the video website is: free video advertising resources become more and more, watch the video ads can be zero, a member on the line to see the times; video resources can also be opened membership…… In short, free resources to open up a part, but will use the extended advertising to obtain profits; fees to open up part of the resources, this can be reconciled with the cost of revenue.

users, feeling useless, curse the useless, the cost of video website also soared, it will be necessary to find profitable one. In the face of free degree of decline, charging system rise video site, the user has only two options: first, to see the limited advertising video resources, the two is to pay a relatively wide range of resources.

Why did

change from free to charge, and the user did not run away?!

everywhere free season free marketing why did not play turned


360 free antivirus started Tencent QQ, WeChat two weapon to users are free, "free" idea does bring the Internet bigwigs rapid growth opportunities, and "free" Internet thinking fire, entrepreneurship, sales are what want to play with a "free" sign, in order to attract a huge amount of users.

problem is: not all industries are suitable for free way. When all the broadcast video resources fast and aggressive, the cost is very low, the owners to dig, and then uploaded to the broadcast on the line, more favorable, favorable, favorable user webmaster nora. Now, the rapid rise in the cost of resources, it is our inattentive are a series of problems such as copyright directly turned upside down, and difficult to gain a foothold in the video website, the surviving video website people must reform the profit model, because of the large area resources of the "free" mode has a dead end.

Recently, WeChat

360 and playing free phone book, which will bring huge impact on operators, but the impact is nothing but the age must conform to the trend of change in change, impact, and.

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