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Talking about how to carry out micro blog O2O marketing from a heavy rain


the evening of May 15th, a heavy rain to the island of Xiamen into Venice, today (16 days), people who are late for work too much, micro-blog, found that the land has been turned into water, the passengers on the bus are all standing on a chair, there are also people in the row kayaking Street group there are discussing how to put into an amphibious motorcycle and bicycle. For me to walk to work, there is no chance to experience the full car is the water bus, but I can see pictures of friends taken from micro-blog. So think, if there is no micro-blog, how can I see the first time the road photos, how to see the people of Xiamen sewer ridicule, how can see the urban take what kind of measures to facilitate travel, how can we see the security experts. It all depends on micro-blog, especially in the mobile platform micro-blog. Micro-blog is put together many media platform, through the micro-blog platform when we get from the local release of relevant information the first time media people, should think about how this local information the most down to earth into hot local users care about. I think this is the legendary O2O.

what is O2O?

O2O that is Online To Offline, but also about the next line of business opportunities and the Internet together, so that the Internet has become the front line trading. Online services can be used online showmanship, consumers can use the line and screening services, online transaction settlement, and soon reached the scale. The key to O2O’s business model is to look for consumers online and take them to a real store. It is the mode of payment and a combination store to create traffic (for the consumer, is also a kind of "discovery" mechanism), to achieve a purchase offline. It can be measured in nature, since every transaction (or appointment) takes place online. This model should be said to be more inclined to the line, more conducive to consumers, so that consumers feel more realistic consumption.

What are the advantages of


O2O is a kind of highly localized e-commerce model, and it is precisely because of geographical limitations, only to reflect the challenges and O2O. O2O is one of the most down to earth’s business model, we must go down to earth "convenience" route. The key lies in the convenience of a large amount of information, a city can not only have a kind of information, we are in contact with the daily eating, living, shopping, wear, play, all contain a huge amount of information and business opportunities. How to select and aggregate the amount of information, which is a big workload. Two, high accuracy, in the premise of ensuring the amount should be to improve the quality of the target. Why do I say the amount of matter in the earlier? Localization information was not very professional information, a message for a group may be not precise enough, but for other groups, they may be "public"

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