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Do your traffic crooked ways three

today to write the third part, the last ending said this method introduced a convenient traffic, with the help of Baidu Post Bar. Before the start, or say a few "two part in a belt of the hanging" flow, because a lot of people and I QQ asked me what hang, although we all know the basic method, but there are still people who ask, so simple to say about it.

hang QQ, QQ now seems to be as a communication tool, but also remember the original pure play QQ want to know. Find, so every time the Internet search online, female, then came in, and then talk about…… Maybe now we rarely do so, because we have been mature, is the webmaster, but there are still N N more and more boring men even in women to do such a thing, QQ traffic is terrible, terror than mop.com, the number of online search every woman, I don’t know, not. You can guess, but guess the data, estimates are quite horrible, so have come up with a way to master, landing hundreds of QQ on the same machine, arranged in different parts of the female, then advertising in the data, the effect is actually still good.

hang chat room, and hang QQ as basic principle, different is the QQ login to chat rooms, QQ chat room is also N many boring men in search of goals, hang chat room a little skill, don’t put the name too, will be playing, have installed a camera, at least. A virtual, because men are boring like this, and the best open membership, because the membership can be displayed on the top, hang chat rooms also have the competition, so we have to think of a way to grab in front of business. It is said that this approach is done, the flow is not small.

Hang Hang QQ friends, Sina blog the two principle is the same, using the latest people browse will be displayed in the list of the principle, I don’t understand your words, I just landed, visit blogs, his blog page will display your recent antecedents. Then you can put your name from the very immoral, and then someone came to his blog, see your name, it is immoral to say, on the point of view, go to you, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh?.

line, in fact, the above three methods I have not done, because I think the workload is too large, even if there is traffic, it is not worthwhile, or think of ways to do something meaningful. Yes, my website is www.artzm.com www.242s.com we do not forget to step on the ha.

The following

in today’s theme, Baidu Post Bar flow, is actually very simple, is to buy a Post Bar posting machine, a variety of hair, hair……

ha ha, I heard someone call me, I also know that this method is the people know, but the Legend Group will be punished Baidu, everyone in shook his head and said "this method really rubbish", but I still want to continue to say, because I really use this method to do, and I Baidu has not been punished, when I use this method is 07 years in September, and I stood.

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