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Entry necessary network marketing books recommended

recently on the Internet to find some network marketing books recommended, a collection of 10 books related to network marketing personnel required, including the outstanding works of website usability design, SEO, Landing Page, optimization analysis, advertisement writing, business visitors, small business PPC, search engine marketing and other fields, some of the books I read the feeling is very good books, here to share with everyone.

website usability design book


Don t Make Me Think by "Steve Krug." Chinese translation: "able to perform wonders – Web Design Tips" visitor Supreme]

in front of the "Don" t Make Me Think from Steve Krug website usability design books ", we have introduced the book, maybe you have this book (if not, buy it now!). To our surprise, there are so many people who have it, read it, and love it… But did not really use it!

One of the most important things about

is to make sure you have a usability test. In fact, before your door you will be able to fully test your site is now through to visit one of your neighbors in the book to look at post! They make mistakes, see what they missed, listen to their voices, they will tell you that Google Analytics can never tell all about you.

marketing books


The by Seth Dip Godin

"Being the in the Is Seriously Underrated" is the first sentence of the book in. This is probably why we have seen, for a company or individual must put their own position is the most convincing evidence. About 80 pages of small books let you know yourself and learn when to give up.

analysis books


Web Analytics – Hour Day by Avinash An Kaushik


Chinese books: proficient in Web Analytics – the best Web analysis strategy from experts

Avinash is one of the world’s most influential web analysis instructors. The author had been lucky enough to meet him once in Ggoogle, and he spent a lot of time working on the Google Analytics team. >

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