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Pig CMS material library to upgrade the micro site easier to make


users are most concerned about the function of the micro site, pig CMS recently upgraded to the material library, the upgraded material library comes with a large number of background images, icons, icon and slides.

increase in the quantity of materials at the same time, we also classify the material, for example, according to industry classification, divided into: catering, real estate, hotels, health care, education and tourism industry in common, according to industry classification and in accordance with the color style classification, users in the micro web station can do very straightforward to find their own need material, which greatly shortens the time of making micro sites, but also greatly reduces the threshold for the fabrication of micro site. Non professionals from the material library directly select the relevant material can be built in a few minutes a fine micro site.

will facilitate the operation of the pig has been the principle of CMS R & D products, pig CMS has always maintained a high degree of sensitivity to WeChat’s public platform adjustment and rapid product development capabilities. The strength of the team to create the first brand of WeChat marketing, pig CMS, WeChat marketing experts around you.

reproduced from the pig CMS official website http://s.pigcms.com/

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