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Network marketing training should learn the 6 major marketing areas

recently friends have been asking about my marketing books "this love, what more cool" began publication would like to know when the training should focus on which aspects of the study, now marketing Ling Lang everywhere, almost every day there are new tricks, always feel to keep up with the forefront of marketing rhythm.

Of course, the

of the training institutions also, training quality is uneven, blossom everywhere, a little inattentive tuition to soak up the soup. And most of the training institutions are basically based on the theory and rotten marketing cases, and can not really make a new marketing staff to grasp the actual combat skills. In fact, the best teacher is the Internet, the Internet has a wealth of marketing resources, a lot of new marketing is just a lack of a systematic approach to learning.

No matter how the times change rapidly

marketing, Solomo O2O, or C2C, its actual origin is the most secure framework, only the truly powerful skeleton can extend out of the outer packing gorgeous, or just puffiness. The first step of course objective most marketing staff still want to achieve higher, so we to Wangzhuan based premise, the marketing staff should grasp the following 6 major clearance method.

a, micro-blog marketing

The concept of

has been developed by the market, although most of the value is reflected in the virtual exposure rate, but it can not be denied that companies have recognized. This is the current marketing model can help the rapid accumulation of new funds in the original marketing strategy, simple and replicable. Sina micro-blog, for example, the marketing has become a large micro-blog arena profit model is more clear a model.

training is the primary goal of micro-blog marketing account, once the target account form, you can add some type of Witkey website, you can basically through forwarding comments and profits. With the increasing influence of income account, will be more objective and stable, of course with hard wide based reprint account will reduce the attraction, so the premise is to influence, micro-blog earnings are rising.

a lot of people will ask, micro-blog is now the accumulation of fans difficulty coefficient is too high, bad operation. Tokyo bride thinks that if in order to win the marketing mode, can be maintained, in some application of mutual powder and mutual powder software, first to do superficial, because no one love to go to the empty restaurant, of course, the content of high quality micro-blog to obtain high quality fans, before the account is not the formation of influence, remember to use some automatic publishing software, people need is a parity space for communication, not on a machine table wrong.

two, news marketing

news marketing is basically the premise of soft marketing, of course, if the excavation to a good point of the event, you can also use the news to form an outbreak, so as to achieve the power of 42 dial. Soft basically is the best news marketing campaign inside the equipment, a good soft Wen can immediately form a conversion rate, the general use of news marketing to achieve the purpose of Wangzhuan.

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