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nspired by the Divine Comedy the style network marketing

is a song by South Korean uncle PSY produced "Gangnam Style" MV become a popular global Divine Comedy, a funny offbeat dance and a song without innovation tunes, why love by so many people? As a personnel engaged in network marketing, we can also learn something from it.


user experience

first, this "Jiangnan Style" MV by many Korean stars to participate in shooting, then for the web site, must have a good user experience. As a carrier of website user oriented, there must be a gorgeous visual experience, the user enters your website to know your product information, the website’s color collocation and the image to a large extent around a user confidence in your product.

for a web site, especially the marketing type website, the user experience is a very important link, here is the user experience may be a very big concept, it not only includes the website design, it also includes the site of the guiding factor and other indispensable ingredients.

innovative thinking

is a song for people to imitate, because it is not how beautiful songs, but the offbeat funny dance. In the process of network marketing, innovative thinking is indispensable. Today, more and more companies want to sell their products in the network, which appeared to imitate a little bit of creativity is not, so that users have a state of fatigue, so the user will remember you?

in this homogenization of the more serious Internet market, how to save their own corner of the corner to win more business opportunities, then we must have an innovative thinking. A good plan, a new idea may let more users know you and remember you, only let users remember you, you have more opportunities to seize the user.

multi-channel promotion

"the Style" which is popular in the MV process, get a large number of star fans imitate, resulting in the promotion of a viral. When there is a good idea or plan, we should make full use of a variety of channels to promote. Today’s Internet is an interactive era, we are doing a good job in the promotion of traditional work, but also fully consider the changes in the market, so that more users know that you exist.

is popular in the divine process, once boarded the top of the list of all, as a musician said: list to me as prizes, not the quality of the index, the "network virus effect" is indeed the key to success.

above is only a small number of personal opinion, if there is something wrong, but also hope you correct! This article starts in Changzhou old blog (http://s.seo654.com/), please indicate the source, thank you!

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