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Admin5 recommend the use of soft Wen promotion link standardization

what is the link standardization


is that when we write articles to promote their website, unified link address on the back of the article.

often see friends hard to write comments in the article are not civilized language. So the authors are not happy, they discourage.

article does not have to be related to your site, but must be related to the webmaster. We welcome the webmaster friends in the Admin5 release with webmaster related articles. Put your address at the end of your article. If your article gives the reader an insight, learning experience. Believe that the reader will go to your station to " visit " even stay in. Others may be an article because you become loyal to the station FANS. Nature is not civilized language is less, the hair of the people happy, look at the people look happy, everyone happy exchange, happy to do stand.

recommended the process of soft promotion links by standardization, but also to make some friends to maintain a pleasant mood in Admin5, if you feel this is not good, you can immediately turn to look at other articles, or comment on the way to the author and editor comments, but not because of curiosity the trend to point those links a fooled feeling, the hearts of angry words. Don’t let civilized language the author of the article is not happy, against their enthusiasm, but also make myself happy.

webmaster friends are very hard, I hope you are from dawn to dusk, happy to exchange Admin5, happy


concentrate on the success of a station is hovering between ten tasteless gesture station. Many webmaster friends may agree with this view.

then in the process of soft Wen promotion to the website why not do it, can write a good article seriously, not only necessary in order to promote the site needs to be written, in order to "literary creation". Attach your station address in the back of your article, if your article language is indeed from the words from the bottom of the heart ", if you stand really meet the needs of users. Believe that you see the article is a friend of your site loyal users.

when you write a few articles, inadvertently found that you have to change the space for the server, because you have too many visitors to the station, because the bandwidth is not enough.

hope that more webmaster friends as soon as possible from the era of space into the server era!

this article is mainly to seek the opinions of the people, a friend may worry about being replaced in the back put links, in fact, to replace the place where you are reproduced to replace, not what is the relationship with the position. I hope that friends to express their opinions and suggestions! Thank you

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