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How to use QQ group four promotion method

network to promote the way more and more diverse, each person has summed up some of their own promotion methods and experience. Below, I summarize several ways of their own QQ group promotion, I hope it can play a role. QQ has become the necessities of our lives, one day not open QQ heart is not practical, and sometimes more important than the phone. We are keen to chat, keen to know and in the QQ group inside, not with strangers who blow water, far apart from each other we talk to some of the problems may also be a murky sky over a dark earth, bickered, in a word, QQ already cannot do without our life. Users may also be the highest viscosity of an Internet product. It is because of the high viscosity of users, because QQ has a huge user groups, but also in the QQ platform above the binding of the other service number of products, QQ mailbox, SOSO know, so, the use of QQ promotion is a good choice. The key point here is how to use QQ group promotion.

need to use QQ group promotion skills, we often in the group from time to time to send a message of advertising, will soon be kicked off to the main group, so it is difficult to achieve long-term good promotion effect. Therefore, the proposed QQ group promotion of the three rules.

1 to win. This is one of the most primitive way, as long as you add many groups, how do you often speak in the group, then, your personal information will be many people remember, if there are 500 groups, each group has 100 people online, so your promotion effect is 50 thousand people.

2 slowly penetrate promotion. Sometimes, promotion do not worry, there must be a step-by-step implementation plan, not to join a group of inside hair advertising, this gives people a bad impression. The group administrator should slowly and lay a good relationship, the first time some topics of interest, slowly we had a very good impression of you, therefore, may give an administrator for you, so you to send advertising, others will not say what, and you are the administrator the identity information we may pay more attention to this kind of advertising, the effect will be better.

3 active promotion. This is a popular way for many websites today. Take the closing announcement, also announced at their QQ number, why? Because it is a kind of active propaganda effect, because the official information, what is the advertising message can notice to members through the QQ group, this is especially useful for the localization of the website, so is the electronic commerce website.

4 good mail. QQ mail is a good stuff, the use of QQ group mail function group mail, we can do long-term advertising, but also have the effect of user experience, and there is one person, QQ group mail function, is the membership can continue sending, so easy to cause a mass ten, ten hundred, hundred thousand. The effect, finally, into a viral marketing.


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