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n the popular network driving the hand piece is a copy of the interaction

we pay attention to the activities of "interaction", which can stimulate the user’s participation in the initiative, as well as the spread of activities.

"interaction" is not only the fundamental flow of human social activities, is also the center line, you just keep talking to others only to a humming in the side, both of you will end up with the dialogue does not long, not happy.

network variety show in recent years become fashionable for a time, and has been regarded as an important marketing piece hand who are actually doing a copy of the interaction.

popular network variety show

comprehensive program this year to fire a lot, probably due to the further development of network entertainment, video sites homemade content development, and support a variety of network transactions, are not less "interaction" two words.

said "the most wonderful" outstanding marketing ads is Ma Dong and the players, "if holding a cup of coffee and jahath, can chat with mistress", "that is really mad pull cool which are fried day week than we can have more Bangwei fan" (a word in three ad, with BianTi)


this is what, in the debate into advertising, advertising for the appropriate fun, move up.



" Mars intelligence agency more amazing marketing absolutely lurking in the subtitle group, Liu Weidou singing a song "foreigner" song, then the subtitle groups directly open the brain hole "this first song we translate incompetent, why did the team back effects, forced to kill Matt oppression, forced late effects, let our boat ship sail home to kill into friendship……"

it and how to perfect the meaning of song translation, nobody cares about this song in the mood, because this is entertainment, it is a "interactive" happy.

The hand piece piece hands the best

Joker singer in the most brilliant singer


Joker a year in which the fire is mostly occasion his jokes, rough numbers, there are nearly 40 ads in 2016 his micro-blog, a big brand shelf, with a Joker piece is so down to earth, Meng Meng Da interact.

The most essential ability of

is to drive the user to copy, network variety shows and popular piece hand were "popular hot drink", not the copy of "interaction" of energy, you can be ready to now.

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