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How to use personalized navigation to promote your site

now a lot of people know that website promotion to improve the weight of a site, brand awareness and competitiveness is very important. Website promotion not only helps to optimize the site in the first page of the search engine, more direct benefits can bring traffic. How does that promotion? Let you go to various methods of racking brains, a large number in the website, blog, forum, Post Bar send articles and posts or keyword. Today, these promotional methods consume energy, not only on the chain, not a few traffic. So how to create an increase in the value of the chain, as well as the most direct flow.

use personalized web site navigation to promote your site:

this era, more and more sites; production site, more and more easy to promote the site, more and more difficult. The use of personalized navigation website promotion, for a new site or popularity is not high site, personalized navigation website can bring you flow far more than search engines and other methods. According to reports, the current personalized web site navigation daily registration volume reached tens of thousands of people. Personalized site navigation promotion has obvious advantages:

1 free audit

users do not need to submit your site for review, do not need to do links on the home page to be included in our station, you can simply add their own website registration.

2 quick check link

will have a dedicated to open your personality two domain name. Users simply open the two domain name (such as: user name.A1.cn) to access and check the URL you added.

3 share wonderful website, enhance brand awareness.

you can easily add or invite like-minded friends with you, and in the "Friends of the dynamic" to see all the friends of the recent collection of Web sites (unless the friend set up a private hide). In addition, between friends can communicate via sms. This can effectively promote the company’s brand awareness.

personalized navigation website, with worry and personality promotion way for users to submit your site to the individual site navigation can greatly improve the chain and flow, is an effective method for the promotion, the traditional post, personally think that we still don’t waste your precious energy to do useless


maybe a lot of friends still very confused, what is the character of site navigation


for this problem, we can refer to the A5 webmaster a web site on the personality of a comprehensive navigation: http://s.admin5.com/plus/view.php? Aid=229919

personalized web site navigation and what?

the current domestic personality website navigation flow is mainly concentrated in several sites, the most typical personality A1 site navigation (http://s.a1.cn) according to reports, the station spent less than half a year, every day thousands of people registered the site.

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