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Successful website promotion innovation is a necessary condition

June hot ah, the morning wake up did not put me to heat up, and the mosquito has put me as a feast dinner yesterday. Speaking of mosquitoes think of Zac teacher in the network marketing is a little bit of writing is an eye-catching innovation example. Auction mosquitoes, the site’s click rate increased rapidly.

into our happy moment: "99399 friends together, to experience the wonderful life, happy you and me" mouse: I love now and bats, after the children were living in the air, not afraid of your cat. A cat with a sneer, pointing to the tree owl said: see, she has been pregnant with my child!

recently have been studying Zac teacher’s network marketing, because I am a new rookie, so no one to teach learning is always a bit difficult to do an article published here yesterday to explain, someone give me comments yesterday: copy the Zac article, I think is that I am not plagiarism, I want to master the experience through my words to everyone to share, because many times we need to share this, I want to master to let his things carry forward so please don’t say is plagiarism. I share my experience by learning.

good to come to the point: talk about today’s topic: the promotion of innovation.

auction mosquito event:

mosquito 6 yuan a common house real dead hand. We can see a very fresh and creative extraordinary ah. In order to attract hits.

said there is a winery, was not pregnant with the original, has not been recognized. Then someone thought a method to do the promotion is in a fair one put two bottles of wine, and then in the Canton Fair the most lively occasions, people in many places, it broke the two loaves of wine, liquor break the course after ten incense drift, not so thick. There are a lot of people come to the onlookers, some people ask what is this wine, then came the "Moutai".

may have heard, a car company in foreign countries, when a new car just to hit the market, they are planning a promotion methods, in the car booth, said there is no one knows what to release what car, if there are many who provide clues to find such a reward the car. Later, the news quickly spread, many people are looking for but did not find, and later in the car company launched the car. Such a method to make people really feel very shocked.

and foreign individuals in order to create word of mouth marketing, came up with a very light promotion methods, he wants to make their sites always stay in people’s eyes, is the name of a town to their site name, was in a media sensation and the news highlights. The original town on the map was the name of the site. Great idea.

there are many ways to promote life in the moment, we must first make a good product, must be more

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