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Enterprises do network marketing you ignore the site

now do network marketing business more and more, most of the enterprises have the official website, in the various channels of network promotion, and network traffic are introduced to the transformation of these sites, and then flow. The process is simply to promote the network, and then flow into the web site, users enter the website page, and then buy, mainly to browse, consulting, purchase conversion process occurs in the enterprise website, the website is the main place to sell.

however many enterprises now to focus solely on twitter, blogs, forums, Post Bar, paid advertising, text, email, QQ, WeChat, micro-blog video and so on are all used, and more and more attention, a variety of channels to budget more and more obsessed with the flow of the user into your own website. This is not wrong, but often ignore the construction of the site itself, the transformation has to rely on the site, the promotion of the outside do better, the user still get the site to complete the final marketing. So if the site itself is not good, the whole network marketing effect greatly reduced.


had seen a sell hardware enterprises, mainly rely on electricity sales and network marketing, network marketing occupies the dominant position, the enterprise network traffic conversion also occurs in the basic website above, do not have Taobao, micro electricity supplier, direct sellers like B2B platform. No matter is the search engine, the natural flow of paid traffic or posting, blog, forum B2B shops, online advertising, send links, or play WeChat micro-blog, is the introduction of these network traffic to the official website: browsing – consultation purchase, complete transformation.

but the problem here, the enterprise website is ten years ago, the very old, the overall structure and layout of Its loopholes appeared one after another., are very confused, never worse is the revision, the background program editing the site out of the question, to update the change can only be downloaded using FTP upload, but is such a poor and they are not to replace, rather than increase the network marketing budget would continue to strengthen the promotion, increase human resources. As far as I know, the other is not, the light is spent on the search engine is Baidu 8000360 per month per month of 3000, this is about 11000. However, the effect is not good, the flow is still there, but the site is too little consultation, and jump out of the high rate, short residence time. They say that there is a little better, that is, the average number of pages to visit is not bad, but I poured cold water: but others can not find what they want!

money spent, but the effect greatly reduced. 11000, to do a website is enough, this does not solve, spend much more waste.

In fact, the

store marketing for this and the next line is a reason, leaflets issued again good, advertising is good, store decoration, service, products and packaging must keep up, keep what is nonsense. Similarly, the site is equivalent to the appearance of this line, the enterprise to do publicity and promotion but also >

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