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Kara 10 years 4 million business users 100 million individual users waiting for the listing of adul

Abstract: Kara played louder the abacus is, the first year of profit do not "burn" but just 1 billion 500 million of financing cash, will have to come up with 1 billion yuan to set up a koala industry fund, in order to cultivate the industrial chain of the symbiotic system peripheral lakala. For example, big data, the industry will be one of the first batch of funds announced investment projects.


interview the day before, but also to do the industry big brother friends ran to ask Sun Taoran, how to successfully enter, bigger Internet banking.

Sun Taoran’s strategy is to "know, if all the practices emerge in its totality. But in the end, always ask two questions. The first ten years, Kara do today’s scale, even if you have reached five years, but five years later, you know what it is like Kara? Second, if you’re doing better than me, Congratulations, you can change the behavior of the financial industry from. But would you like to,


implication has two layers: tell you you can not do it; rather, we work together. – with a trace of "steal music" spectator mentality, but also in line with the basic principles of social specialization division of labor.

in the eyes of Sun Taoran, Kara in ten years saved more than 4 million enterprise users and 100 million individual users based on interbank transfer database, this mountain is not far from mining. Compared to other single site transaction data, these data have stronger financial attributes. By paying, we shake hands with millions of people every day, on the basis of the promotion of new products, such as the need for loans, a high success rate."

has a huge amount of data in the Internet to start the financial hot, rapid warming. The concept of "cold start"." This may be the source of Sun Taoran’s "tell you you can’t do it".

of course, the Internet Financial tricks similar, from the pay cut, then do the extension, and finally form a closed loop deposit, credit and exchange "and add more scenarios. Almost all the third party payment companies are so follow the prescribed order. However, some people want to use the Internet to subvert the bank, Sun Taoran is holding a win-win attitude of cooperation.

is the day before the interview, a ministerial level financial supervision departments led the team to the Beijing Zhongguancun investigation, questioned Sun Taoran after listening to Kara introduction: you say these banks can do


Sun Taoran on the spot answer: these services are the banks can not do, or do not want to do.

he gave an example. Kara "for you" for a month about 50 thousand people nationwide release of personal credit loans, 5000 yuan per capita, the average loan period is 3-4 weeks. Small loans and short cycle, high frequency, wide regional distribution, which is very uneconomical for banks.

"in the 9 million 600 thousand square kilometers of land, the bank is the main blood vessels, to provide large funds for large projects, and Internet banking is a capillary, sub

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