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CCTV exposure Ctrip ticket deposit trap package refund fee of up to 90%


CCTV financial channel first time column exposure Ctrip ticket travel packages are not required by the airline, charged a high refund fee. Program called "refund fee of up to 90% online booking tickets need to be cautious," the text reads as follows.

to the spring can buy cheaper tickets to go home, some users will choose some travel network, ordering a ticket packages on the internet. But to remind you that this package said that although the price is very affordable, but once your trip suddenly changed, when you want to change back to take a big loss, because the refund fee can reach a maximum of 90%.

travel packages in the purchase of preferential travel tickets to go home for the new year, but after the change of the trip to bear a thousand yuan refund fee. Recently, choose such a way to buy tickets during the Spring Festival of Nanjing people have encountered this embarrassing.

Nanjing citizens: as a ticket for me, I’m sure it is uncomfortable, because the airline is a deduction of 10%, you carry the provisions of the deduction of 50%, which is where the.

according to the clues provided by the public, reporters in the travel network (Ctrip) to see the same flight ticket prices for packages vary, the most preferential fare travel packages, while limiting the most. For example, during this tour travel from Nanjing to Changchun flight travel packages, the ticket price is 702 yuan, than the normal ticket prices nearly 300 yuan. But if the ticket, passengers have to refund or change the demand, website provides consumers must bear 657 yuan fee refund, refund fees accounted for 93% of the ticket.

Ctrip customer service phone: for example, you may want to book the ticket after the operation change or refund, there are detailed instructions, such as not to retreat. If you do not change the write back, the back of the ticket if you do not normally travel on time is wasted.

according to the general provisions of the airline, in addition to special offer tickets, ticket refund fee for general fare 10%-20% for travel packages refund fees of up to 90%, the website (Ctrip) explanation given is that the travel packages not ticket, shall not support the airline.

Ctrip customer service phone: like this after the travel packages have a reservation if you agree to terms, confirm Reservations, or to change the discount policy back to refund time display.

is here to remind you, if you want to order this preferential ticket packages, do not look at the price attractive fast order, then it must also see clearly the principle of change back each other, see fee. Otherwise, once the order is successful, if you want to refund, you have to work according to the contract. To enjoy the low prices at the same time, also have to bear the risk of high return change cost.

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