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Statistics said the 96% brands of the first choice of domain names CN domain names

recently, the Hurun Research Institute released the "2010 Hurun brand list", compared with last year, this year the enterprise brand value threshold list rose 1 billion 200 million yuan to 2 billion 500 million yuan, while the size and strength of the brand value of the brand strategy, has become the key factors of enterprises on the list. Reporters found that 96% of the top 100 brands of domain names CN domain name strategy to become a major bright spot.

experts pointed out that China’s national domain name domain name registration.CN with strict management, application for registration of a higher threshold, the brand image is more safe and reliable, has become the preferred domain name brand strategy implementation enterprise hundred enterprises. Hundreds of companies are accelerating the pace of the national domain name reserves, these companies are less than the number of reserves of the national domain name is more than a few hundred.

statistics show that: 96% brand hundred companies domain name strategy CN domain name

CN domain name has become an important component of the strategy and brand strategy. According to statistics, in the "2010 Hurun brand list" in 96%, the brand hundred enterprises are registered CN domain name, brand over 50% hundred enterprises will CN domain name as the first entrance online corporate image and interactive platform. Brand hundred companies have less CN domain name is more than a few hundred.

, for example, the Bank of China, Tencent, Ping An insurance, Haier, Lenovo and other five major brands on the list of the number of CN domain names are more than 100, the number of Lenovo CN domain name or even up to 209.

reporter also found that the brand hundred companies and the traditional domain name brand strategy highly fit. In the registered CN domain name brand hundred enterprises, application of the CN domain is no longer confined to a single enterprise name, but extended to the various enterprises all its brand name, customer number, stock code etc.. For example, many financial companies will be customer service hotline registered domain names, such as Bank of China 95566.cn, ICBC 95588.cn and China Life Insurance 95519.cn. Ping An insurance is a sign of the safety of the credit card 4008824365.cn, Ping An VIP VIP 4008895511.cn and other customer service telephone numbers, including the domain name.

CN domain name management perfect, secure and trusted by the brand hundred companies favor

experts said that the reason why the brand hundred companies love CN domain name, and CN domain name management is perfect, safe and reliable image is inseparable.

since December 2009, China’s national domain name domain name.CN to implement more stringent registration management policy, registration threshold rising, making the "Trojan viruses, phishing, spam, pornographic" all kinds of illegal Internet applications back away, CN domain name domain name management has become perfect, safe and reliable in the world.

from the world’s leading security vendor Symantec recently released report shows that the current CN domain name under the spam >

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